Brian Tamney

Brian Tamney commented on Grand Parkway should not be a toll road

"Build the state Highway 99 extension, but make it accessible to all; not just to those who can afford to pay" so make those who cant afford to pay to use it pay for it even if they never use it? that makes sense...

as long as we raise the age to vote and enter the military to 21, then fine, otherwise you are an adult or not, should be one age for all of the above and alcohol.

Would be silly to postpone because of Mardi gras. Need to get the highway finished as soon as possible. With as much wet weather as we have as late I am sure there will be plenty of unplanned delays. And let's just hope we dont have to have a storm evacuation before this mess is fixed.

Well Jim since one can is usually plenty I can waste 5 dollars a month and valuable garage space. As opposed to now when I do go over I just bag the excess and set it on the curb and they pick it up. As I said a definite DOWNGRADE!!!!!

Saying it wont stop all of them because most are overstays??? Do you people only lock your front door because fewer people try to break in the backdoor so no need CV to lock that one.

Well they say garbage in garbage out. This new system is going to be horrible, what am I supposed to do when I have more trash than fits in the barrel? Definitely a downgrade of our service, but am sure the cost will only go up.

I just renewed mine online with no trouble at all. Wasn't even trying to went to renew truck registration. She the link and thought oh yeah that expired soon. Got license and truck done in 10 minutes.

Make an appointment at houston passport office, then let me know how well govt appointments work.

Only in galveston can you have a beach that wont drain.

Should read pro american.