Brian Tamney

well was gonnna have a salad after watch tonight, but now it will be a bacon cheesedburer just to annoy gabriel. may even get a fried egg on top.

special kind of stupid right there.

“It’s a huge advantage for the Texas Marine Academy,” Bolton said.

NO!!! a huge advantage would be for TAMUG to receive their own proper training ship! As an alumni it saddens me to see that joke of a ship A&M has and cadets having to bum rides with Cal.

flounder35 commented on Frank Maceo does not have my vote

lets see last time i went to baybrook there was an Escalade with no back wheels because someone stole them in the middle of the day in the front row of the parking lot. perfectly safe sounding to me.

mmm steak cant wait for the next one.

What school district we are talking about might have been an useful addition to this article!

as a taxpayer for tcisd, and former taxpayer in lmisd, i sure hope some other district gets stuck with them!

flounder35 commented on Meat industry is scary

really wish the paper would stop printing this guys nonsense. the only thing it does is make we want a bacon cheeseburger.
meat is yummy, vegans are fools!

flounder35 commented on Memorial Day makes me angry

well cant reply to this article without breaking rules 1,2 and 4 so guess i wont[angry]

with half the state underwater, it might be time to remove the article with drought in the title from the front page, just saying!!