Kim Etheridge

noun down·town \ˌdau̇n-ˈtau̇n, ˈdau̇n-ˌ\
Simple Definition
: the main or central part of a city or town : the part of a city or town where there are tall buildings, stores, offices, etc.

League City does not have a downtown. Stop trying to waste our money.

I have already stated that building a retail center disguised as a parking garage is beyond the scope of what government is supposed to do. It is disingenuous to call the intersection of Park Street and FM518 downtown. League City does not have a downtown and even if we did, the last place…

Building retail space is not a function of government. If this is such a great idea let a developer do it.

I've given up on the concept of expecting professional conduct from our elected officials. When the same 4,000 residents out of 100,000 are the only ones voting, you are not going to get anything different.

Etheridge commented on Protesters ought to spell better

What I want to know is this: I posted a comment to the original article about 6:00 a.m. the day the article ran concerning the spelling blunders. It was the first comment and it appeared for approximately an hour. At some point all comments were removed from the original article along wit…

The signs in the pictures say it all. "Stop The Annexiation". TCISD can't get to work too soon.

Etheridge commented on Freedom versus entitlements

It's freedom versus entitlement, not verses. Shaking head.

Remember when the council put the construction of a natatorium to a public vote? We voted no and they built it anyway.

an expert in or writer on law.
a lawyer or a judge.

Hey Daily News - I read this on The Daily Mail (British publication) three days ago! It has since been carried on all of the national media. This should have been front page news on Saturday.