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Emilio Nicolas

For example, Brown calls a "special meeting" of the City Council to discuss development of Spencer Beach. He does not attend the meeting he called, rather, he observed it on Zoom, leaving it to Collins to kill consideration. Real leadership! Not that Bo would be any better, this is not a …

Lame choices! What is it that keeps Galveston from electing leaders? Is it the moronic "BOI" mentality that keeps us down? Here we are again with choices we know will NOT lead Galveston to its true potential.

You are absolutely right. But such a project, indeed several projects needed, require leadership from the mayor and city council. Unfortunately, Galveston keeps voting for a lack of leadership. Consider the early announcements for the mayoral race this year. Really? Wake up Galveston!

Use it just as you would English. Learn the proper way and then adjust to where you are. I find it difficult at first to understand English in some southern states as Spanish in some Caribbean countries. And, as for professional environments, correct and specific language is necessary.

Great comments Carlos. However, you are mixing the language itself with local colloquialisms. There are several "dialects" in Spanish. The only one taught in Spain on a national basis is Castilian. In the new world, a different language has evolved and we call it "Spanish". That language,…

I can agree with some of what you write, but am always in a quandary when Republican's mention Health Care. You write "or provide us those same benefits" in reference to Congressional health plans. I want to know what happened to the "better and cheaper" health care Trump promised when he…


Applause to all those courageous souls that have offered their lives to science by not getting vaccinated!

Mark Twain was right, "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt!" But for reactionaries, denial is all that seems to matter.

Carol: "Whatever happened to the 1st Amendment?" Ha ha! The 1st Amendment is as relevant here as you your comment Try reading the first word (spoiler alert: "Congress")!