Emilio Nicolas


Silence is complacency and complacency is complicity! All of us need to voice our revulsion of such haters and support our Jewish neighbors!

Now you are a liar and coward as well. No matter, I just scraped you off the sole of my shoe ... what a stink!

Again you revert to childish insults Carlos. You are an unabashed a-hole.

You say as if kids under 10 would even want to read it and as if it hasn't caused, as you put it, "lasting mental damage" for generations of some older kids.

Yes, thank you Carlos. But I would think it is the older kids you should be most concerned about influencing with such sex and violence.

So the Old Testament will be stripped from the Bible? (Unless extreme violence is seen as mitigation of sexual situations).

Me “hurt”? You seem very angry.

Charles, call me what you want, but I see plenty of people to my left. Can you name one to your right? It may not be what I "consider you to be", from you many posts on many threads, it is pretty clear you are extreme and leave no consideration for the fact that others may have good reaso…

No one is "crying" and no one is "trying to convince" you. You are an extremest reactionary with no one to the right of you.