David Schuler

Just received a very negative anti-Craig Brown postcard from the local Republican party. I guess they think that helps, but I'm so sick of negative ads I'm going to vote for Craig for that very reason.

Whatever the outcome, Galveston will get the mayor they deserve.

Hi Charlotte, I agree that a community should look out for the less fortunate. But consider who you listed- fire, police, teachers, nurses - as deserving of assistance. What if others have a different priority list? It's their tax money, too. Providing any kind of assistance requires that…


Great ideas, but who makes up the difference in lower fees (assuming the original fees are set to cover the costs)? Tax-paying market rate residents. Where do the grants and loans come from? The government. Speeding up permits and licensing helps everyone, but will require more employees,…

Housing trust fund = government subsidy. There is no way - except rent controls or subsidies - for providing housing at lower than market rates. The fact that people like to hide behind flowery descriptions or 'good intentions' doesn't ever change that.

Please share specific examples that don't involve rent control or federal subsidies.

Affordable Housing is a a fine catch phrase but is mostly a euphemism for federally subsidized housing. Open market housing prices reflect the FACT that Galveston is a desirable community with limited available land and the ONLY way to really reduce housing costs is to have some entity - …

I am truly thankful that the designers and builders of the Seawall and grade raising projects were more positive and optimistic and determined than the doom and gloom naysayers above.

Without a plan to stop the incoming tide from pouring through the Galveston channel and flooding everything within a few miles of the Galveston Bay shoreline this project has no practical economic benefit. Go study hydraulic engineering in The Netherlands and see what can work.