Dwight Burns

Carlos: "If all the King's horses and all the King's men can't put this mess back together again", what makes you think that you can?

Texas has a history of Voter Suppression. The Supreme Court of The United States
in its resent decision found that Texas is trying to suppress the vote of Minorities.

Only time will tell. But I wouldn't hold my breath. George P. Bush, represents big money.

It makes a difference who people vote for. Elections have consequences.

Hint: The rich will always protect the rich.

People should not be shocked that Bush, Texas' L C, is siding with wealthy property
owners who have invested on our Texas' beaches. And who sees no problem w…

Great news for Dickinson's ever increasing population.

It was easier to travel from Galveston to Houston, up until the early 70's than it is now.
Greyhound Bus Lines traveled down Hwy. 3 servicing Galveston, LaMarque, Dickinson, League City, Webster, South Houston and into Houston…

The price of the Rice study Gate, ($2.5 billion), is less than the amount paid for flood damages done by Hurricane Ike. Being penny wise and dollar foolish is not in the best interest of the citizens of Galveston County and Harris County.

Oh, those tax dollars you refer to, belong to…

One's guilty or innocence should not depend on the Judges political affiliation.
To even imply that a judge acts like a Republican or a Democrat in the judgement
of any case he or she is judging is or should be a scary day for the Justice system.

After reading post after post …

Being 'penny wise but dollar foolish' is no way to govern.

Straight party ticket voting in local elections is never a good idea. The results of this practice in the last two election cycles is baring this out.

Our County is growing by leaps and bounds, 'the good ole boy system' needs to be abolished in Galveston County Politics. Moving forwa…

I agree!!