Dwight Strain

Galveston: Visit here or Live here.. you'll be broke either way!

Mr clark was my landlord a while back. He's a great guy. Congrats, Don

I love what they are doing here. It'll be great for those who are responsible with their trash, but, the litter bugs are going to ignore recycle bins the same way the ignore trash cans.

Would a campaign similar to "click it or ticket" help? A clever slogan, some signs on the beach, and a couple of people handing out tickets.

Cash grab. Stay on the highways. Our local boys can handle it without you.

17 years for 17 grams. That's overkill

I understand the idea of keeping the police honest but this is something else. Entrapment, outright setting a guy up, something very sleezy feeling about the way this was done. Feels like a good man is getting wronged here.

"New rules"? To who? Taxi drivers have been going through this scrutiny for years at the expense of the applicant. Nothing new to we who grind it out each trying to get by. As Mr. Arthur said, we just want a level playing field. What the Council has done here, is nothing remarkable…

Too cool,I Remeber when scott was doing the professional wrestling beat, now he's at the top. Congrats

Prices will probably will be marked up like crazy. Thinking $11-$13 bucks for a sandwich and that's on top of the $25 it cost to get on the pier.. $40 chicken sandwich and have to fight the tourist? It'll work but i don't see my local behind eating there more than once a year.