Doug Sivyer

Throw the POS in jail for life. He has proven his worthlessness to society on more than 1 occasion.

Doug Sivyer commented on 51 animals seized from Hitchcock home

If the animals are surrendered you say? There should be no choice in the matter. If the animals were neglected as it seems they were, they should not be returned to the same environment.

Lock him up and throw away the key

Sad :-(

Great Story!

No telling what the truth is because the owners and their family have been caught in lies about this from the start. Take the monkey and give it to a rescue where someone that can care for it properly and legally. ,Monkeys were not meant to live with people as pets for Gods sake.

This idiot doesn't give a rats ass about our environment. American and the world will rejoice when this clown is gone!

“If she’s still out there, she’s dead,” Kuchera said. “We’re kind of annoyed that people are focused on the monkey.” Well we are kind of annoyed that you take the situation of a living breathing animal in peril so nonchalant, and that your precious guns and property is more important to y…

The owners irresponsibility in this manner has expensive law enforcement resources at work and a monkeys well being. They should be help accountable and made to cooperate fully with police.

She looks like such a fine outstanding citizen who would have guessed she could do something like this?