Doug Sivyer

Good reporting Jim. Apparently Donald tRrump cannot read or only uses selective listening skills. It's a disgrace that he or nay president is allowed to hold our nation hostage like this. The laws need to be changed to prevent this form being possible. Just as our laws should require con…

Sounds like business as usual to me!

This despicable POS needs to be executed once found guilty. No need to waste tax payers money on his incarceration.

This POS is the most despicable excuse for a human being. I hope he gets the same treatment in prison. That would be justice. We should not waste a penny on his defense or incarceration. He should be executed upon being found guilty.

Well stated Jim

Helicopter LOL. White Privilege at it's finest

Awesome to hear this! Love to hear more stories of compassion, kindness and good will. Maybe the Gal Daily News could feature a weekly blog for this kind of feedback

What kind of parent would condone these actions? They should be charged with something and ordered to go through good parenting counseling!

Bob, you are absolutely right on target with this article. Of course the tRump supporters will never agree as we know but let them live in their fantasy world for now. Change is on the horizon. The majority of this nations citizens are fed up with this clowns antics.

Albert and all others. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward from public donations. I have donated and so have others. If you are able to donate. Crime Stoppers