Doug Sivyer

Just like the old west now a days in this nation! Guns, Guns, and more Guns!

You got that right Randy!

Sheryl, I could give you 50 reasons kids under 18 are out after 10pm. Some reasonable and others not so much. Times have changed and the laws that applied years ago may not be well suited for these times. I am not saying 10pm is right or wrong. What ever time is set kids will always stret…

Sad and tragic it is. Wonder if the victim was wearing a helmet?

So is the lighting in this area sufficient? If not this is a valid concern. Any time after dark is a risk certainly however that does not negate responsibility of jurisdictions to provide adequate lighting. There are many areas that have inadequate lighting and I doubt that will every cha…

Doesn't he look like a fine outstanding citizen with all those gang tats. Sad world.


I'm sorry but no one has any business hiking by them selves in 106 degree Texas heat. Call me cold but that's just dumb.

Yes Kathy, You are so, right! No Mercy for this one!

Lock up the trash and throw away the key. 25 years is not long enough.