Doug Sivyer

Wozer! Look at those Beach Bods! :-)

Not to mention the outrageous increase in rental fees over the past 8 months or so.

This is so very bias. I have two 55 lb Boxers and rent a home in La marque. I have a large back yard fenced and a doggie door for them to go in and out as they please. In the 6 years I have been in this property they have damaged NOTHING. Stop stereotyping. There are responsible pet owner…

I applaud the effort but we still have a ton of thugs on the streets with guns and that will not change until we do something in this nation as a whole to confront gun violence.


Doug Sivyer commented on Man killed in Crystal Beach UTV crash

Sad but completely avoidable

Yes he is an idiot, lift the mask requirement's and intact laws preventing private businesses and Universities from mandating mask wearing just as the Delta variant cases continue to surge and infections continue to rise across the nation. God only knows where we get some of these morons …

How about we use our County law enforcement resources, paid for by the tax payers of Galveston County in Galveston County to fight crime. God knows we have enough crime. If Trochesset or other County paid public Servants want to volunteer to help out at the border let him do it on his own…

Racing on the Seawall. The stupidity is astounding!

They already were severely backlogged due to covid, now this. The old saying the wheels of justice turn slowly could never be truer.