Doug Sivyer

Throw the thugs in Jail for a long time

Drinking & driving. Came out of no where he says? His criminal irresponsibility has taken two lives and ruined others. When will people learn?

Sounds like a bad character. Lock Him Up!

I don't mean to make light of a horrible situation but dang this boy has just about as many assault charges complaints against him as Donald tRump!

Very sad


Don't they check their routes before embarking for low overpasses? Geeze!

You can't make this shit up. idiots

Ok, the guy sounds like a nut case but he was unarmed. Was it necessary to shoot and kill him?

This is reprehensible. We do not need or want more pollutants in our air. Suck it up and spend the money needed to control you toxic emissions Union Carbide. In this current tRumpian climate of reduced environmental regulations for all, I fear they will be granted their amended permit and…