Dorothy Holt

I tried to read this but kick ball is so boring. I admire the stamina to run up and down the field as they do but it is still boring as heck.

I am canceling my subscription to the GDN. Yesterday I heard from a friend about the Clinton endorsement. I have now seen it in person so I bid all adios and happy trails.

The government DID NOT SHUT DOWN. Every business in America was sending in their 941 taxes each month just like I was doing. The closing of the parks was just a political ploy by the BHO administration and it sure worked on a lot of folks.

Don't be embarrassed. You are paying for their wages. They will be happy to oblige you.

In fairness, it was called the Brazosport Facts (one word, Laura) a few years back.

Well, Texas can have a lottery and rip the poor folks off with that form of gambling. Does anyone other than me get tired of the hypocrisy here? If they can't race dogs or horses then shut the damn lottery down, too. Where is our born again Lt. Guvner Dan Patrick on this? Is he a hypocrite, …

My Grandpa used to grow sugar cane and ship it to Sugarland. That was back in the days when men worked hard and women did, too.

It is all about liberalism. No one can take care of themselves. The government has to do it. This is pretty damn obvious to me. R or doesn't matter. Get me the votes so I get paid and get my fat pension.

I was an LM Tiger but will roar with the Cougars.

Unelected and unaccountable folks on the appraisal board decide the value of your home for tax purposes. How nice is that? If you ever go to the county office (my county is Brazoria) and look around you will see quite a bit of wasted money hanging around the coffee/water break area. After al…