Donna Mencacci

Good job, Lee! Very proud of you! I agree with Mr. Stevens.[beam]

He cannot be sentenced to death if convicted of capital murder. Simmons v Roper.

Just so you know, TXNative, Lee never made "crappy" grades, nor did he or would he ever "bully" a prof. Really? Furthermore, is a student decides to go "bully" his prof using his or her firearm, they more than likely wouldn't be concerned with whether or not t…

The email in which you are referring to does not state a time for 12/19. Therefore, there is no violation. Good to know you are an expert at identifying fake emails in case I am ever in need of that service. You seem to be a little more personally invested in this case than just the fact …

If it is true that the child was MISSING, why weren't the police involved? Also, since you have mentioned so much about the court hearing on 12/18 Lawgal, why haven't you mentioned anything about the fact that the mother had failed to do her required drug test?

One extremely SIGNIFICANT fact that is not stated in the article or the comments:
The fiance'/ teacher was not at work or in the school building on this day.