Don Ciaccio

Clint, very well said! Touché. Jeff rather burn up valuable time making a political statement than working for the children he was elected to serve and support. Its beyond sickening.

Amen David! Jeff should be focused on the many serious issues facing our district. His whining is only serving to distract from the real issues he was elected to tackle.

Jeff Temple's statement comes as no surprise to me. Jeff is a liberal Democrat. Shocking: Everyone that lives in Galveston already knows we are a diverse community and have always been a diverse community. Jeff is doing nothing more than grandstanding and being your typical liberal democra…

Susan, I assume you are against any development south of the seawall, including Beach Town and ALL development west of the seawall.

On target as usual Laura! Bill Broussard, Elizabeth Breton and Ralph McMorris are using easements as a thinly vailed attempt to stop development on the beach. All three could buy the property at market value and do anything they want with it. Until then, they need to shut up. They don't ow…

Mayor Pro Tem Todd Kinsey,Nick Long &
Dan Becker never become senior citizens and need a place to live. Absolutely disgusting and deplorable

Truth is, based on the trash & garbage left behind by the Galvestonians that camped up on the seawall last weekend, I'm glad we charged them an extra $30 to help pay for the cleanup from what they left behind for someone else to clean up. Disgusting.

To Ralph, you were thrown out of office for a reason! Nobody cares what you think. The voters said that loud & clear.

The climate prediction center just announced we are likely headed into an El Niño year. If that pans out, statistically, there are less hurricanes in El Niño years.

Excellent news for the safety of Galveston County residents.