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The tallying Portion of the voting device is not connected a computer. When you enter your PIN number it loads the correct ballot. When the votes are counted the tallying device is removed and secured in a locked transfer box and escorted under guard to The criminal justice center to be c…

They should have curbside voting. I’ve witnessed it before

Attempted purge four years ago. My Texas D/L was issued 1985. I registered to vote in Galveston County 1989. Became a Volunteer Register of Voters 12 years or so ago. I received a notice that my voter registration was go to be canceled if I did not come down and prove that my D/L was corr…

Voter suppression is making it difficult to vote i.e. closing poling stations, purging voter rolls, pole tax, etc. It thwarts one’s constitutional right to vote. Carlos is getting personal.

Is there voter fraud IN Texas – NO! Attempted voter suppression IN Texas YES! We have to have a Plan B to ensure Democracy is preserved!

Voter harvesting the Republicans have it down to a science. Eight Republicans in North Carolina in the 2018 election were arrested for voter fraud and they had to hold an all new election. The Republicans wrote a book on voter fraud.

Voter fraud means new election in North Carolina Republicans (eight) did commit voter fraud, got caught, indicted, and jailed. Your rationale is moot.

As usual

But Jimmy why isn’t everybody laughing. I agree nothing will ever come out of it

Show the proof not Sound bites not I’ll show you later