Donald Roccaforte

Link to the photos

Link to the photos

Why stop at bags. What about beach balls and inflatable floats? Their way more likely to wind up in the water. Are we going to ban the sale of these as well?

While I know many really don't care, much of our local industries are in the Plastic and Styrofoam manufacturing chain.

I agree!!

Walmart is open 24/7 and HT's is only open a much smaller number of hours per year. Based on the numbers, I believe the calls per establishment were about the same annually. I would bet the highest percent of the calls to HT's were in about a 3 to 4 hour time frame each day and possibly even…

The guy in the poncho is a local Quanell 10 wanna be. I doubt he was invited. More than likely he was taking advantage of the opportunity to be seen.

And you have some thread of doubt that Quanell is cynical, self-serving, irresponsible and divisive? What rock did you crawl out from under??[sleeping]

dnrocc commented on Quanell X rally gets tense

Quannel makes a living off of the misfortunes of others. He certainly did not come to Texas City out of the kindness of his heart. He preys on the down and out. Based on him and others like him, we need to make a new set of laws that only apply to his people. Laws like if you point a gun at …

I have witnessed what it takes to squelch Quanell. We need a strong showing for support of Police Department. If he is outnumbered, he tucks tail and runs.