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age old trick,my my

property taxes help schools, cities and counties. I know you don't want to hurt education and bet you don't want to do without the services you have now, so go aheadand abolish these taxes and you will probably be the first to holler.

how about the school, police and FBI working together to keep each other informed of the people who should not have guns. If we cant enfore rules now how does another rule do anygood?

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Sounds like a dangerous driver.

Jack I agree school funding is a culprit in the rising taxes. Everyone including myself is for quality education and quality facilities. When and if the state ever decides to move on this they will get the money from somewhere which in the longrun will be the taxpayers. People who think as s…

don't bet the farm on it Carlos

I would say the guy you got here today if he is entertaining one must be hard up for entertainment.

If I were a teacher and confronted rather than take a bullet I would like to be able to take the shooter out.

isn"t it amazing that so many like the poster can't understand what really went wrong in Parkland. Wants more regulations when the one we have were ignored. Gee get a life.

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property taxes must be replaced with some other kind of revenue. Be careful for what you wish.