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dbeard57 commented on Non-citizens must obey our laws

Since we are supposed to be a country of law and order what could be wrong with obeying the law for anyone in this country. We have some leaders in this country agreeing with not obeying the laws of the country. Downright shame and they call themselves Americans. Supporting breaking the law…

please give facts here

goes for you too PF If skewed info makes commons sense then you are right. common sense

FYI fake news is when one distorts facts. get it.

dbeard57 commented on Deportation story was biased

Just more proof of fake news. Another fact proves dont trust the news media. some make fun of fake news but they should examine the facts before engaging in thid type of rambling. I have been saying news media do not report facts but their versions since the 60s. Doesnt take a rocket scient…

Becky I think Dan and Elaine are confused what a democracy and Republic is.

repealing the ACA( farce not affordable by may) will do more harm han good yet next you say legislators should rach across the aisle and come up with a good plan. Which do you want?

maybe you are like Neil full of fake news

Trying to abort problems in the future. Whomever came up with the idea to cause this bill to be written is a huge problem for Americans.

if skewed numbers are common sense , one has to love the article.