I am not aware that President Trump's free speech has been silenced. I think he is free to have a press conference, or address the nation, at any time he wishes and those comments would be carried nationally by television and radio. I think he can also hold rallies for his supporters wher…

A good start at draining the swamp will begin on January 20, 2021.

Mr. President, Sir, many people are saying there is a rumor that you lost bigly in a beautiful and powerful landslide, the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

Excellent commentary on the need for our communities to help food banks and food pantries. The prayer offered by Armin Cantini is outstanding. My wife and I will adopt that prayer for our mealtimes. Thanks very much.

I sent an email to Randy Weber's office a couple months ago asking a non-political question about stimulus checks. I'm still waiting for an answer from Randy Weber or his staff.

This is very interesting history. I always learn something when reading the columns about the Beach Patrol. Congratulations on doing a great job of keeping the beaches safe.

DANIEL PICKETT commented on Break my heart for love

This is an excellent essay on the loss of a loved one. It serves as a good reminder to let those nearest and dearest to us know how much we love them before it is too late.

President Trump might be re-elected, but it will not be with my vote. For the first time in my 79-year life I voted for a Democrat presidential candidate.

I greatly admire Ellen's paddling accomplishment, and congratulate her on completion of this adventure. I did some endurance canoe racing ranging from 100 to 260 miles while in my mid-60s, so I know her adventures take tremendous mental and emotional strength. I hope she writes a book.