alyssa lozano

They need to shut that store down! Too much gathering beginning at 6:30 in the morning!

This is awful! I attended a few girls soccer games and the refs were terrible!

Dr. Beach managed to give my dad 10 more years of his kidney functions until he finally had to have dialysis. Thank you!

I just keep getting more disgusted with this story. Really over a damn backpack? If I was the parent I would have told the authorities to keep my child for a few more days, maybe weeks!

Ask any GISD campus if they didn't have an issue with dismissal or bus transportation this week. It's the first week of school. There were issues everywhere!

I appreciate their efforts and I think it is great that there are FINALLY improvements to our beach. But really the traffic is awful during the summer. I'm not complaining about bringing my gallons of water which I will continue to do. I'm just concerned with the safety of my family and espe…

Soooo...if I want to rinse my 3 children, 10, 8, and 4 I have to walk across the busy seawall blvd traffic? Brilliant idea to put on north side!

So sad. Bless his family.

TOY BB pistol this time what about next time? Hopefully because of the charge there won't be a next time. I believe the other students should be punished as we'll for the bullying but in the end he went a step further than them.

How about parents be responsible for their children and babysit them instead of police officers! An 11year old should have never been there alone to begin with.