Connie Schnitger

The Daily News should look at donors to Middleton’s campaign. It seems the people of Bolivar Peninsula are about to get railroaded into some scheme that isn’t yet clear.

I agree completely.

Seems like a rational policy that only raised the ire of people that don’t care about the city’s ability to do its job.

Then you should also vote no. The Mayor has stated a few times in council workshops that the May election is intended to be early enough to give council another chance to put it back to voters if it fails (and before the current authorized period ends). You know, like they do in the EU when …

I will vote NO

Locking in rates for 10 years is a stupid concept - you’d think we’d have learned better from the first time we locked in rates. I WILL vote and vote no

For those who are concerned the rates are too expensive for Galvestonians...although what’s charged to residents and non-residents must be equal, would it be ok for the City to offer a separate rebate program to residents?

I voted for paid parking on Seawall and even though it took too long to implement it has worked out well. The problem that I have with the original ballot language and what appears to be perpetuated now is the parking rate. Why does the language need to specify dollar amounts? It limits the …

The referendum shouldn’t stipulate a $ amount. It should just ask fee or no fee. Let the administration determine the amount to charge based on conditions.
Also, if you live in Galveston then you don’t live so far from the Seawall that you can’t walk or ride there.

Not a fan of walkovers but like all your other ideas