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confusedemmy commented on Plastic bag ban is a horrible idea

And my reusable bags aren't heavy. They are made out of recycled plastic bags, for the most part, and are just as light - and they don't tear!

"More than three quarters of the student body at Galveston and Hitchcock public schools are considered economically disadvantaged, according to the Texas Education Agency."

It's just a little quibble, but since when is 74.19% more than 3/4?

Bill, I don't know if you're following this, so I might be talking to an empty room, but... could you expand upon your comment about the condominium?

confusedemmy commented on Seawall improvements break ground

I would think the 29 bus stops are future-think. The mayor has spoken repeatedly about his vision of no parking on the south side of Seawall, and parking garages on the north side. The bus stops would be to ferry people around, even from Moody Gardens to restaurants and shops on the seawall,…

3:00 - 7:00, according to their Facebook info.

I'm concerned with the format of the structure. You've got 2 levels of concrete, mostly parking (approximately 1400 spaces!), topped by "lightweight" construction.

I've got this photograph of my house from the 1900 storm; there is only debris behind it, all the way to the bea…

How long have you been here? Your last statement is incorrect.

"Boby"? I wasn't sure if it was a baby or a body - or the body of a baby!

Well, it read _6_ this morning, the headline, that is.

Did y'all upload the campaign spending article yet?

I had to link to this article from the tweets over at the side on the home page. I could not find it anywhere else. I think some other items from Saturday's edition are also missing.

Did something happen while everyone is in El Paso??