Kathy Maddox

Congratulations!!! I have high hopes for the new Council.[love]

cocodrie2013 commented on Big Turtle Release

Great job!

ps. I hope the author of this article meant "cheers" instead of "jeers".[beam]

NO NO NO! [censored]

Pity about the location. Better install burglar bars.

I'll bet Harry is healthy & happy.[rolleyes]

cocodrie2013 commented on TNR will be abysmal failure

Thank you too, twilightzone. Probably a lot of new folks in town that don't know about the Galveston cat killer & how cruel he was. I always say, either you have compassion for all animals or you don't. Cat killer does not. Just a big ego.[censored]

Wellllll, then that would mean the property owner would be a total a-hole![tongue]

That was meant for don233. Paper put it in the wrong place.[censored]


Obviously, Galveston's "Restaurant Elite" group has been gnawing on the Council's ears again.

They need to spread the love. There's enough for all!