Craig Mason

Christina, there are many republicans who vote consistently Republican but do not support trump or his shenanigans. Just like there are many who support John Cornyn but despise Ted Cruz. Same party with different views and opinions. The Republican Party is fractured and needs to unify beh…

Ok I literally laughed out loud Carlos

The difference is during the summer they were ransacking a target and in January they were ransacking the cradle of our democracy.

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Where is this camp located?

Excellent point Robert. I have wondered why they haven't utilized the pharmacies, like Walgreens, CVS, HEB, Kroger, Walmart to name a few. These businesses already have the personnel and infrastructure in place to do vaccinations.

Maybe find a decent an honorable Republican to support. Break out of the cult of lies.

Mr. Douglas you assured me a number of times that “Trump Diesel” was going to be re-elected. What happened?

What world do you live in Lisa. Snap out of it, the fever is over. The witch is dead, we can all rejoice.

Carlos, my grandmother used to say that when someone shows you who they are believe them. Trump showed us who he was, much like you have and I lump both of you into the same category. The Bible says do not bear false witness and you have done that over and over again.