Craig Mason

The article was about the importance of an accurate count and you go off on a political rant. The benefits to us outweigh the negatives for sure. The article seemed apolitical to me. But hey maybe you have had a head injury, or something I am not aware of. If that is the case I apologize.

what is wrong with you?


I believe there were 3 depositions done by the senate, Vernon Jordan, Monica Lewinsky and Clinton’s personal secretary. Don’t remember her name. That’s my memory anyway. Haven’t looked up to verify names.

Not unless he is lip syncing, because he is an idiot!

OK still not right no matter who does it.

who is Pelosi?

Its not Congress' job to bring charges, it is the house of representatives job to bring charges which is part of congress, along with the senate. Every impeachment trial in history has called witnesses. That is called precedent, which in many cases, past precedent is used to determine fut…

He was also a democrat before the election so I find it funny that so many in the republican party are in lock step with him. The one republican that I also am concerned about is Devin Nunes. He has taken part in a conspiracy with foreign agents to undermine America's diplomatic mission. …

We sure will [beam]