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Carol Dean

Medelman, were you "fired" from P and Z? You can't "do things" like breaking "the law" just because you have done it before.

Approving a variance just because you can or have done it in the past, is still breaking the law.

Since you have so much…

Today there was talk about starting Sanctuary Schools in the US! Don't let Joe Straus here about this...he just might like the idea!

Mr. Edelman, I never said that you "took" a piece of property from anyone. "Take" was the word you chose.

I simply suggested that the facts might be better discerned coming from you.

Never was the "monkey on my back".

The pathetic thing is that Phillips "stirs the pot" for others who are not "strong" enough to do their own "dirty work"! LOL!

You got that one right, Curtis. SCP is just a pawn and not smart enough to realize it.

I wish I could take credit for this observation in regards to the protests on Saturday, but I can't.

The truth of the matter is that it really had nothing to do about women but had everything to do with promoting liberalism.

Wait, I heard that Mr. Edelman worked out some sort of "deal" with the developers of Mar Bella to receive some sort of "special lot" that his house is currently built on.

Maybe someone might want to get the specific details from Mr. Edelman himself?

Thanks for your concern, Carlos. Some things just aren't right and men using women's restrooms just "ain't" right; like all of the hogwash that SCP posted about Judge Cox.

SCP was the one who skipped out and didn't pay his bill...not The Juge or me! LOL!

Walter, you should have been there, I was. I think Judge got a standing ovation while SCP skipped out without paying his tab!?!?! PATHETIC!

The next thing you are going to learn is that "the people" who SCP works for are not happy with the new GCGOP Party Chairman. They ar…

I just happened to be at the meeting that SCP is talking about. Worse then that, I was seated directly next to him. He has done a fabulous job of taking Judge Cox's words completely out of context and added his own "spin" in a most inappropriate way.

SCP is a master of dece…