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Carol Dean

I have heard nothing but exemplary comments in regards to Mr. Melancon's work and proficiency. Comments were from other City employees. NEVER, NOTHING NEGATIVE!

Baily Jones, if you think some of us really care about what you think..."Sorry, not sorry". You are sadly mistaken.

Very well said, Mr. Claffy.

How about you look them up yourself, if you are truly interested? I don't have time to argue with you. You are going to disavow whatever I post, regardless.

Carlos, you must have been reading my mind! Thanks for supplying the SARS/HIV information. I decided not to waste my time "Arguing With Idiots", like Glenn Beck says! We both know that none of these Fear Mongors will ever read Plague of Corruption, that was written by Dr.Judy Mikovits, on…

Dropped in influence? LOL! Ivermectin is not prescribed as a preventative while Hydroxy is. Guess your knowledge of preventatives and treatments are very limited if you can only talk about The Frontline Doctors. Poor Fauci and his group have been spending a ridiculous amount of time and m…

Well, they aren't making "much money"! Do you know how affordable Hydroxy is? You DO understand that it has been used for MANY years very successfully. Big Pharma is responsible for a lot of the misinformation that Fauci keeps pushing.

Faith in whatever or whomever you choose.

One word: FAITH

[beam]N. Pappous, just checking to see if you were "awake and with the program"! Still trying to figure out your statement and how you plan on taking control of monies raised if you are elected?