Carol Dean

Typical Galveston County Government incompetence or...the latest version of "The Blame Game".

What does the comment "...the neighborhood is very Republican" mean? And what was the "purpose" of the comment?

Carlos, you must have been reading my mind in regards to Emile and Steve! DENIAL is the key word that is hampering their ability to comprehend!

Could be stuff that the dems just might NOT want to be revealed as well. The fact still remains that the conclusion of the investigation says there was NOTHING to show that Trump was involved in a collusion with the Russians. That was what the entire investigation was supposed to be about.…

It's your opinion; nothing more, nothing less.

David Smith, you just need to get over yourself and your pedaling of Socialistic and Communist Propaganda.

Keep an eye on his "socialistic" buddy there at the COM, Sean Skipworth. He too is "delusional" and is not being forthright truthful in a lot of his comments in his run for a Council position in Dickinson.


Check out Carl Gustafson and all of the law suits he has filed through the years!

I love the remark...Gustafson resigned for personal reasons. Right, the largest personal reason was the fact that he had lost all respect of 98% of Executive Committee members and there was no way that they were going to continue working under his negative leadership. Gustafson has too man…

Gustafson, for whatever reason appears to think he is above the law. This is also NOT the first time he has violated sign ordinances. What about this one...a couple of years ago, at Dunn Brothers, both Gustafsons bragged that they and members of their family removed his opponent's campaign…