Chuck DiFalco

I voted against the previous CCISD bond issue with the stadium. I will be voting FOR this bond issue. The items are all instruction related. To those League City residents who are against it, this is part of the price of growth that our city has allowed. Unfortunately, there are no schoo…

If this bond issue, which does NOT include a stadium, receives a lower yes percentage than the previous one that did, I will be disappointed in the CCISD voters. It would mean that they place a higher value on athletics than academics. long as League City Council does not give away the farm to get the store!

"Being business friendly doesn’t mean giving away the farm to developers, or not having high standards. It doesn’t necessarily mean negotiating lopsided incentives." Let's ensure that League City council members take these good ideas to vote as well as to heart.

Reducing League City government bureaucracy is a good thing. Changing zoning for the convenience of property developers is not. League City council members should be able to define the distinction succinctly and accurately.

This citizen wants power lines underground. In this part of the country, near the Gulf Coast, it's stupid to have them above ground. As in, blown down by wind storms. The State of Texas can put its penny wise and pound foolish ideas where the sun don't shine. Translation -- doing the rig…

“I want to instill a sense of team and unity". Be careful what you ask for, Mr. Apffel. "Team and unity" amongst elected officials are hallmarks of a one party State, capital S. I suggest that you focus on the issues in front of you more than government "unity".

Congratulations to Mr. Dugie and Mr. Hallisey for their initiative on this matter of good governance.

And who all was it that said during charter review committee meetings that changing to a city manager form of government in League City would reduce the politics?

"All we need to do is ... be smart enough to guide the direction [of League City growth]."
Yes, and the definition of "we" must be "we the residents of League City" and not "we City Council and staff".