LAFAYETTE MCKINNEY commented on 'I'll kill you' comment draws 6-year prison term

Wow six years for a threat when most times cops interact with is they threaten us. Say the will shoot or kill us if we move. Often times they do and get away with it. 6 years for a threat when city council member in Galveston county gets into an accident and injures someone while under th…

LAFAYETTE MCKINNEY commented on Man dies after minor accident in San Leon

Witnesses stated that the man was in the car screaming for help while the cops just sat there and watched. Then once they removed him from the car they didnt immediately call for EMS. He died before they did and then it took them a long time to arrive

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LAFAYETTE MCKINNEY commented on Galveston officer indicted on indecency charges

I remember when this first happened everyone was so supported of this animal. Wonder how they feel now

Those are mostly crack addicts. They did nothing in this bogus round up. A waste of tax payers money. 90 percent if not more of those people are addicts not dealers