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Thanks for the additional information. I hope future UT donations and/or storage of art work are shown more consideration. The picture of the statue was beautiful and the talent and skill displayed awe-inspiring. A loss that should have been prevented.

Has everyone given up on finding the original statue? [sad]

Confusing title because this doesn’t impact workers hired/fired by the port. It impacts the workers for the cruise customers or its agents. If the goal is to run like a business, the actual port workers could also walk a distance to work, be charged for parking and their old parking spots…

I think the walking reference is referring to cruise workers (not other types of workers). The cruise workers come early and at varying times for different shifts and hire times.

Due to cruise timing issues and potential delays of the ship, Cruise contracts with ports require employ…

Charlotte O'rourke commented on Rees submitted bona fides for Florida port job

City council managers

Charlotte O'rourke commented on Rees submitted bona fides for Florida port job

Elizabeth, top level executives can apply for positions with a resume. No typical job application form needed. You know this as you hired Mr. Rees.

You can’t become a “candidate” for a job position without being a job applicant via a resume OR an application form.

Giving misin…

Who can argue with reducing crime? Wish we had more policemen living here.

Tax dollars are already being spent to restore historical and NCD homes. The city might want to change the criteria so the exemptions go to property owners that LIVE here so that the community gets several benefits - property owners living here, infrastructure repairs and saving historica…

You can’t start soon enough. Bring it on!

I would say I’m disappointed, but this was predictable and par for the course. Record EXPENSES with those record revenues.

Predictable because its other people’s money. For once, I would like expenses to be held or cut so the debt would be less.

As an eternal optimist I’m stil…