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Everyone should be suspicious of toxic relationships and interactions when an entity or an individual tries to control communication among parties. It’s a real “tell” or clue that something is very wrong. Always listen to all sides and opinions and collect facts before making decisions. I…

I enjoy reading these research articles. Interesting topics are presented at a lay person’s comprehension level.

Let the Chief do his job. He is capable, and trained to do so. People’s perspective (feelings) of the right or wrong of this issue isn’t going to change. Values and beliefs are formed through life experiences.

We shouldn’t try to change feelings - they are what they are.


I’m glad vaping is banned. An acute lung injury ..... gasping for breath is a hard way to learn a lesson not to vape .... but it is better than not recovering to learn that lesson.

Yes it’s odd. It was also odd that the topic on Whistleblowers was pulled without any discussion. I can’t figure out this board as a group - do they really believe what they say or only pretend to believe it? Definitely odd .... if they really believe “operational interference” is talking…


The planning focus should be on updating outdated facilities that haven’t been improved in decades, and increasing business and overall port profits while ensuring that the board actually votes on policy, planning, and contractual decisions (before the public presentations…

Here’s hoping, Stan.

70s sound wonderful.

This is very disappointing. The Master Plan is a 20-25 year plan. The board shouldn’t be discussing getting rid of long term customers, but doing a proforma on each line of business and seeking ways to increase and diversify business.

Bad for the port’s image and bad for …

The city council’s decision to audit/review services of city owned properties to conserve funds and ensure accountability was one of their better ideas. By not duplicating services and sharing common resources, tax dollars should go further to help alleviate these rising costs.

Ted O’Rourke:

Does anyone need a Chairman? I can work without a draft agenda.


Congratulations, Albert. Wishing you the best.

Ted O’Rourke