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John Campbell commented on Robert (Bob) Wesley Holmes III

A remarkable human being. I was honored to know him. John C

The nursery is a project of Galveston Foundation, a nonprofit (founded by John W. Harris) that provides landscaping to churches, schools, parks and the city. Projects include Harris Garden (next to Ashton Villa), 16th and Broadway, Trinity School play field, Rosenberg Fountain, First Pres…

I’ll bet this guy says the the same thing in every town he visits. “I feel your pain.” Right.

Teen Health is a remarkable organization and fills an essential need in our community. It helps the children, their parents, and the schools. The generous groups that support it should be very proud.

John Campbell commented on Ramzey Zein-Eldin, Attorney at Law

My experience was the exact opposite. Mr. Zein Eldin is a qualified professional.

Of course, schools are critical. So is the crime issue. But the fact remains that every morning, thousands of workers commute to Galveston from the mainland. They are first confronted with west Broadway which is tacky, with little or no code enforcement. And it's the last thing they see…

btw, FDR made the quoted statement in his first inaugural speech in 1932, not in 1941 after Pearl Harbor. Yet another swing and a miss by the 3 challenged ones.

Do they realize that England, France, Canada, and Australia had been at war with Germany for over 2 years before the US fina…

John Campbell commented on No absolutes equals no compass

What is more remarkable ? That these three bomb throwers would draw a truly bizarre parallel between President Obama and the man responsible for crucifying their god ? Or that the Galveston Daily News would print such garbage. ? A new low for the GDN.