Cathy Heikkila

Article states they are carrying the BODY of a murder SUSPECT. So, it's a BODY. I am shocked that a body gets dragged out by it's arms. And, on the front page of the paper. Really. It was a suspect. Maybe he's guilty maybe not. But don't drag out a body by it's arms, but worse thing i…

cathyheikkila commented on City bites woman over barking dogs

City bites woman over barking dogs? Huh? Must mean "cites" not bites.

cathyheikkila commented on Man shot, killed in home invasion

Notice same background in photos of victim and killer. Mugshot photos?

cinfire, sounds like Parker was on phone with someone telling them what he was about to do, so that person went to nearest police station to report it.

Jake, you are right. If you have a red light on Broadway, and you are in esplanade, we still proceed, but only when it is safe to do so. But you do not have the right of way because cars traveling east and west have a green light, so proceed only when it is safe.

I have seen a lot of accidents like this--people have died--been t-boned. But, I don't understand why these drivers assume they have the right of way when they have a red light. If you are headed north/south, and you have a red light, then people going east/west have a green light, so if y…

GDS, you may want to fix the contact phone number. I don't think 400 is correct area code.