Carlos Ponce

You're right I missed that one made six days ago.

"man can't change what God has made"
Nice concept, but NO ONE has posted nor implied that. What I ask is to look at all data, all possibilities. A true scientist will not dismiss it. Solar system wide phenomena of planetary and planetoid climate change points to something not i…

"I do not see the wall being built anytime soon."
Here's the website on US Customs and Border Protection Border Wall and its construction. The wall is being built. The litigation is only over what price will be paid for private property, not possession of the property. And that…

"Yes the sun's output does vary and that's largely what has driven climate variation over time..."
'Nuff said. So how about explaining the changing climates throughout the solar system. It is a solar system wide phenomena.

"Can anyone here except for Mr. Ponce honestly admit they did not drink at least once while underage."
Perhaps not here but throughout the county and state there are plenty.
There was a saying in my school days, " Don't drink, smoke or chew or hang out with those who …

Then look at it from a scientific viewpoint. The attitude of tjose who believe in "man-made " climate change is like that of a religion. HOW DARE YOU QUESTION OUR BELIEFS! YOU ARE A HERETIC IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN MAN- MADE CLIMATE CHANGE!!!
To dismiss the idea climate change i…

The only reason to discipline administration/teachers is to appease a complaining parent.

"She stated it was a racial slur directed at her son that instigated the AP getting involved."
And what prompted that racial slur? There's more to this story that isn't being told.
Students of a different race usually do not use that racial slur unless pushed over the edge.…

"You can find drug use in all walks of life."
And there are still many of us who don't use any drugs nor alcohol. My intake of alcohol is limited to one or two per year.
My idea of getting "high" is being with friends, family, helping out where I can.
I feel…

I remember when Texas LOTTO was passed to provide more money for teachers. That was a lie. But those working in government jobs in Austin, Texas got a hefty raise. It took the removal of Granny Annie to remedy the situation.