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Got some take-out fried rice and eggrolls (my favorite dish before they closed few months ago).Sadly to say, the food was terrible. Couldnt eat the fortune cookie either! They were old and stale. My guess is the cookies were old stock when they closed last year.maybe the rice was also old. …

Re bos69: I live in old part of town. In fact I live on 9th Ave. I have one car garage with single driveway and more than two vehicles. I strongly support this No parking on lawn ordinance. I hope its enforced to the max 24/7.

Forget exemptions for vehicles that are moved on a daily basis.
(sorry about that typo)

I think the majority of Texas City residences favor this parking regulation. I am glad to see enforced. Forget

Only person to blame here are his parents. The boy probably has no parental supervision whatsoever. Where does this kid get the money to buy drugs?

capt_morgan commented on Man shot, killed in home invasion

Drug dealing is dangerous business