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Occasionally I see comments or suggestions posted by readers in the GDN proposing the use of billboards on 45 to alert visitors to important law or conditions in Galveston. The large LED billboards on 45 South might be useful in alerting visitors to hazardous beach conditions. Might even s…

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"If all else fails, stand near someone who’s more attractive to mosquitoes than you. I had a post-doctoral research fellow in my lab from Scotland, and for his first year in Galveston, he was an amazing mosquito decoy." That gives new meaning to the term "human shield". …


I think I’ll go with “ bad behavior”.

Well, shucks.

It was a brave person who ate the first oyster. [tongue_smile]

I agree that one or two billboards on 45 could be used to great advantage in a number of areas - traffic control (as noted above), seawall parking conditions, new or important laws (i.e., bicycles, littering), zero tolerance DUI, and (my personal favorite), SPEED LIMITS.

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Two things will never go out of style: the first one is love and the second one is intelligence. Kindness and respect are points on a line between these two things.


Fresh water? Oh my gosh! What’s that going to do to my tackle?! (🙄😉)