Theresa Bethea

Thank You dtorres for your service!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family, both private and your brothers and sisters in BLUE.

You might research the laws of recording a conversation. You will definitely not like the results you find

Who was it talking about throwing stones at glass houses?

National Treasure - smoking dope?

Missionary man - 7-1-2001 - Abilene PD - poss. of cocaine - public record

Probably not the best idea to accuse someone of using drugs when you are guilty of the same offense.

precisely, JBGOOD. I have nothing bad to say about Mr. Osteen. He was extremely polite, respectful and kind to me every single day we were in that parking lot.
I think that the representation he had with him is what hurt him.
Between them and the fact that the city was ready for…

As stated Sir, there is nothing to lie about. It's all on tape. Let's stop the childish games on a public forum. If you feel the need to talk, get my number from your mom and give me a call. We can discuss our differences like gentalman. Agree to Disagree.

Just going by the new story told by you and Dan. That's all it's on the news video. As you say ROTFL (video tape) public information.

National Treasure check out this link. We know someone who OWNs a home in Abiline with his partner but claims to live in LM with his Mommy. This is the same guy the made smart remarks about the young Mr Lane living with his parents.

Respect is earrnd, age is only part of what it take for someone to get respect. It goes both ways. I will gladly defend myself as others should instead of a couple elders talking for others. PS, I have all the tape I need to defend myself.

Crawl back under your rock you old fool, you talk, talk, talk and nothing but hate comes out. Get the facts straight by listening to the tapes more than listening to the voices in your head. You have been saying the same thing for months and your still have not figured out you run nothing…

BubbaB commented on Trube recall election OK’d

I don't need a polygraph, I have an audio tape that speaks for its self. (Remember). Enjoy the Abiline sunshine. The weather here in our town is partly cloudy.