Should bring more foot traffic downtown!

Really, because La Marque nor Texas City didn't incorporate until long after 1845? Maybe I misunderstand you IHOG. It's also my understanding that a large part of what we call "West Texas City" today was once a part of La Marque proper.

LMISD is holding back La Marque and TC's growth! I'd like to know who, when, and why were these LMISD/TCISD boundary lines drawn?

"Bob Fields lives in Santa Fe..."

I wish I would have seen a more diverse crowd at Texas City's Juneteenth parade. The Cinco de Mayo parade has a greater mix of people and it has absolutely nothing to do with American history!

Mayor Rosen, the Feds and the State of Texas asked (then demanded) you and the council a100000 times to cut this nonsense out, now you want to blame GDN, HA!

Why is Texas City and or La Marque so mum about this foolery going on in Galveston! Seems to me as if the mainland should be seeking legal advise to counter Galvatraz. This is their problem, not ours. A culture of social hierarchy, exclusion and exclusivity with very little investment of…

Looks like they didn't even bother hitting up the "Golden Triangle"...

This town just gets it done! Drove by the park today and it looks great.

How about a marker or statue in front of our current county court house! [wink]