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I graduated from LMHS in 1969 and have lived in Texas City for 41 years. Nakisha Paul needs to get out of the way and let the pros do their job. When I graduated, La Marque was in the top five in the state academically and had been for years. We graduated ready and able to attend college.…

Once again - no notification.

It's not like I was planning on being at the party anyway, but WTH? Pitbull? I'd almost pay to go see the reaction of Galveston's finest when this so called artist takes the stage. Watch them get out in all their finery and embrace the "music." LMAO.

Honestly, the city of La Marque has become a pit stop for professionals on their way to the next job. School superintendents, teachers, cops. What a shame.

I live in Texas City and I can tell you that there are strays everywhere. I'm not exactly sure what people expect. If you are all in on saving every living thing, adopt all the dogs and cats there. That solves the problem.

I totally agree with Steve Baker. Hope you prevail.

This is one of the best things I've heard of in a while. I think every school district should be calling Dickinson ISD on the phone for information and a plan to implement this very things. Well done DISD.

I haven't seen Noe and his wife in quite a few years, but remember their son's passing like it was yesterday. I also haven't been to Post 89 in a very long time - did a lot of volunteer work there 10 or so years ago. I'm so glad to see them sponsoring something like this.

And JBGood …

bos69 commented on TC gets new fire chief

Congratulations! Promoting from within is a good thing. So does having a fire chief who's actually fought a fire.

Hurricane Adam comes to mind. For those of you too young to remember - it was the early 80s version of Rita.