Crying shame. God bless the man in the hospital.

BolivarSettler commented on Settlements from BP spill land locally

The attorneys were calling and courting my business like crazy. I finally had my CPA'S run the formula. Seems our businesss did better during this period. I wonder how many fraudulent claims will come out of this? Pretty pathetic.

ISIS is destroying historical places all over the middle east. The history still exist. This whole confederate thing is foolish and a modern day witchhunt.

If I was a betting man I would bet that most rejoicing or protesting are not paying for insurance. It is not free.

What makes matters worse is when you get hammered on taxes and get nothing in return

No tax payers were involved. It' s O.K.

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Next you will either have to have a facebook account or no posting. Very Manipulative!!!

I'm sure this is in response to the gay rental debacle.

Please outlaw driving cars and trucks on the beach. Park and walk or Golf cart-Utv only.

You spank kids and fire adults. What are you Judge?