Chris DeVries

Sincere thanks to all the firefighters who risked their lives to extinguish this fire!

I've had the pleasure of serving with Dr. Beth Lewis in many different settings and believe that she is, without doubt, the best leader for COM. And, judging by the outpouring of support from community members, faculty, staff, and alumni I'd say I'm not alone in my assessment.

I hop…

I love her logic:

MAN causes the climate to change; however -
GUNS (not MAN) cause people to die.

What pathetic coverage of the election returns. Cmon, GDN, get with the program

Just as an aside: I can't help but think that George would not want the Causeway named after him - and would object if he were still here. If George wanted his name on something, he would pay for it himself - and would not want his name on something funded by taxpayers. Just my opinion and…

bogeygolfer commented on The great League City debt debate

I think Nick Long could be the smartest council member we have!

It may actually be a perfectly fine decision by the commissioners, but surely there was a better way to handle it. I'd be pretty upset too if my insurance was cancelled and nobody told me.

Judge Henry and the rest of the Court just seem to lack good communication and interpersonal s…

Great work TCPD! Somebody call Quannell The 10th.

Yeah, right, force the companies to write policies that are guaranteed to lose them money and just see how long those companies keep writing policies in Texas. Our state already requires insurance companies to cover ridiculous things under our homeowners policies - things that have nothing t…

Private companies will get involved as soon as the state allows them to price the risk appropriately. That's been the problem all along: rates have been kept artificially low by the state, encouraging individuals to make irrational decisions - i.e., building expensive structures right on the coast.