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Bobby Hocking

Bobby Hocking commented on Trash talking in La Marque

As I commented to TJ in a conversation early this morning... the agenda item that passed unanimously was to purchase a brush truck with a grapple device to pick up the brush "in house". This will be paid for out of the Sanitation Fund and not billed to our citizens. I know GDN will…

We got whupped! Plain and simple...I'll be wearing a Sting jersey at Monday night's Council meeting! II still believe LM will win District and go deep in the playoffs. We shall see......

Ain't no doubt about it..... those Tors came to play!! Point blank period. I agree that they will win some big games this year! But let's not get carried away... LM always "warms up" for the year by playing bigger high quality teams early on.. Texas City put one on us last year.. t…

Congratulations Ms. Gibbons! Your gift has certainly made room for you to fly as high and as far as you dream possible! Blessings in all you do moving forward!! La Marque is proud of you!!!

Bobby Hocking commented on Cougars shuffle

And so ladies and gentlemen.. The 2014/2015 Galveston County Smacktalkers season is upon us! Where you at.. Buck, Keith, D.C., Cougartino and all others who wish to partake! Gonna be a lot to smack about this year.. I just got a feeling... August 28.. bring on the purple and gold for Thursda…

Congratulations to Mayor Doyle and the City of Texas City! Well done!

Congratulations to the COOGS! Job well done! Pulling for you to take it all the way!! Blessings on all that you do!!

Congratulations on this great accomplishment! What a fitting tribute to the rich history of serving God and community!! It will be my honor to be in attendance proclaiming our recognition of this Historic Landmark that has stood the test of time in such a profound way. Blessings.

Congratulations to these fine young men! I too, have enjoyed watching them play at such a high level! Look forward to watching them on Sunday in the years to come! Blessings on their future!!

Paul Hopkins also served as the first Chief of Police for the City of La Marque. Our most heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to his family and friends. Gone.. but not forgotten... RIP