Don Bette

Perhaps Mr. Stuart should familiarize himself with our form of government: "and cost the government millions of dollars." It costs the TAXPAYERS money whenever a transaction is made by the government. The U.S. government only deals with TAXPAYERS money!

And I huess your life must be pretty boring, Kelly, when your biggest concern is the size of your tires.

Kevin Walsh, you have violated the trust of every Galveston County resident. Goodbye, Kevin.

Let me see if I have this correct: COM sells bonds. Bonds are bought and the money from the sale is lent to COM. Bonds are redeemed (paid back) by COM for the purchase price plus interest. Bond selling "which did not require voter approval and did not affect anyone’s tax bill". Si…

"Thousands explore six tall ships at piers 21-22" (GDN pg 1, April 7th). It appears the GD News is math challenged. There were FOUR ships @ pier 21-22. This goes along with the false advertising for this event!

How did they pass JHACO inspections, or were they exempt from inspections?

Not following established practices/procedures for ONLY 3 years? Where is Quality Control?

"our entire political system is controlled by a mere 2.5 percent of the public that elected them"....REALLY, Greg? The ENTIRE system? We might just as well put an end to this useless voting system, then!

It's too bad the News can't pre-qualify writers like Jerome....Social Security is NOT a welfare program.

New meal plans fix everything.