Blanca Bell

Lock him up!!

Let's knock down a forest, fill in a wetland area and possibly flood residents living down stream on Highland Bayou. Anything for the almighty dollar!

Well said Rev. Daniels.

Blazing Saddles it!

There are several options in regards to windstorm insurance in Galveston County other than TWIA. Call Rust Ewing Insurance for a WITH WIND Homeowners or Commercial policy.

Well said Ms. Beeton, I agree.

Bob knows his stuff. He's also a pretty good insurance agent. Can I get a "what what !"

Fat boys ramp is an embarrassment. Dangerous docks, missing deck boards, exposed nails and bolts, no cleats and pot holes large enough to fish in.

Blanca Bell commented on Texas City to host charter town hall

Well said Bob! You should run for mayor of TC !!!

Rust Ewing Insurance in TC has several commercial and residential markets that INCLUDE wind coverage in the quote. Rates are much cheaper than TWIA.