Blanca Bell

Gaido's is a rough place to hang out these days.

Keri, Matt do you know how many inches of rain fell yesterday in Galveston.?

was at the beach this weekend and I think $45 for an umbrella and 2 chairs is king of high.

I hope they get their act together, we would eat at Floyds every weekend they were open. What a waste.

Lock him up and throw away the key!!!

"Impossible" ? I wouldn't say unlikely not impossible.

Although the construction and traffic is a problem it has always been difficult to get to these restaurants if you are driving North. Once you get there you deal with the most over designed parking lot/drive way in the world. Hard to get to, terrible parking lot design, high prices and medio…

Keep up the great work Chris.

The more bush the better!

Lock her up!!!