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"At cost. No profit to be made. I understand the use of a Trump facility came at the request of one or more attendees... but you didn't hear that from me." cost? no profit? that is BS...the request came from Trump himself. Mulvaney just had a press conf. and announced tha…

No Jim, Trump did not abandon the Kurds to enhance his financials in Turkey, he abandoned them because according to Trump this morning "They did not help us fight in WWII". Although they have been helping us fight ISIS, not helping with WWII was the final straw. I wonder if he going to cu…

Carlos Says: "The president did not, as was first reported, offer a quid pro quo to the Ukrainians. He did not condition any U.S. support on a Biden investigation. The Justice Department has already looked at the totality of the call and determined that Trump did not break the law"

Don't know where your "alternative facts" about the deficit are coming from, but you are dead wrong. Your hatred for Hillary and every democrat has obviously given you brain damage. Here is a link on Fox for you.…

In the 8 years Obama was president, the Dow increased by 113%

Thanks for the positive comment AS USUAL Debbie Downer

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"She is for higher taxes, more government intervention and less border security." Really???? This is a cut and paste from the RNC website. Instructions included add "S" if female, capitalize "H" if male. It must have been really painful to write your endorsement…

When Ted Nugent was 32 years old, he released the song "Jailbait." Here's a taste of the lyrics (written by him):

Well, I don't care if you're just 13

You look too good to be true

I just know that you're probably clean...

Jailbait you look fi…

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Who specifically did he give waivers to?

Where is the Tea-Party plan for health-care reform?

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I hear the old saying but where is the "truth and facts"?

How is he going to become a Trillionair?

Paranoia = big $$$$$ just ask Rush