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bishopbills commented on Gas line fire slows traffic on I-45

A few days before you dig dial 811 and utility companies will locate all underground lines for free.

bishopbills commented on TxDOT planning new bridge on SH 146

Yes, finally - this needs to be done! When it is complete it will save me 30 minutes each afternoon and more time with the family.
I can remember being stuck at the draw bridge waiting for the sailboats to go by.

so right on - build it!

bishopbills commented on TP&W meeting attracts crowd

One of the well-known flounder fishermen stood up and recommended designating flounder as game fish. The result of that would be to eliminate them from commercial activity.

That would also eliminate gigging since game fish can only be caught by hook and line.

bishopbills commented on Family looking for missing man

“We just want to know if he is OK or not.”

probably not!

Texas City resident Dedrick Johnson objected. Hmmm, I think I would rather have a mascot as an Indian than a slimy flat fish that's not worth eating.

bishopbills commented on State wants input from anglers

What now? Do they want to cut the flounder limit to 1 fish? When I was a child my father would take me gigging and the limit was 12" - 20 per person per day. You could even get 20 before midnight and 20 after. We never came close to that. They put a stop to that. Then the limit was red…

At least the jury in the BP case had enough common sense to do the right thing.

What's the big deal I see people walking down 45 all the time. Granted it's not a good idea to. When I was 11 and attending Webster middle school, if I missed the school bus I walked that stretch of I45 from League City to Webster several times and nobody thought anything of it. Now days you…

bishopbills commented on Man charged in pit bull’s death

Being charged with a felony seems a little excessive. The guy in League City that left his kid in the car that died hasn't been charged with anything.

bishopbills commented on BP emissions jury selection begins

2011 population of Texas City 45,753. Come on people in the jury you need to teach these greedy lawyers a lesson.