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Jim Forsythe

David, if you do not understand what part of what you said was wrong, posting it again will not change your mind, as you will still not see the problem.

David, when you make statements like you did above, you become the issue.

Correction yes, he is a little smarter.

Yes, it is Gary.

The lawsuit accuses DeSantis of improperly using state funds by picking up migrants in Texas. A lawsuit was filed on Thursday night, alleging that the governor violated the law when he tapped into the $12 million set aside for migrant transport in this year's state budget. Also sued was f…

No Carlos, the rules for the change that are needed, are not there. This look at how we handle asylum seekers.

If a person makes it across the border, we must start the process if they request asylum. This can take up 6 years.

If you Carlos are OK with the ones that say, give …

Carlos since you are so hung up on Ron DeSantis, this is for you.

Ron DeSantis violated state spending law when he spent Florida dollars to fly Venezuelan migrants to Martha's Vineyard, a new lawsuit says

No Carlos, if you do not like how it is being handled, change the rules.

What open borders. The border is not open, but the President is going by the rules which some do not like. If we want to slow down the numbers, we need to change the rules.

Contrary to the “open border” myth, U.S. borders are guarded by a vast and well-funded national security agenc…

Thank you, Carlos, for verifying what I posted. He said what I posted.