Charles Hughes


Oh well,On another notewhile debating on this diversion.Has anyone been paying attention to the incidents in the Straits of Hormuz.Pray that its not the Gulf of Tonkin all over again.

I agree.Who ant to eat around dogs?


Charles Hughes commented on How not to make America great again

Like Kunte.Hmmm! Uncle Ruckus maybe..

Just par for the course for Trump and that idiot Bolton.

Charles Hughes commented on Writer's ignorance was truly astounding

Not astounded at all.He posts his ridiculous drivel all the time.

Its called privelige

No meanness or malice intended brother.Some of the comments you get whenever Rev Daniels or anyone else for that matter speak about black experiences can really appear to be bigoted.

I notice that its always people like you that always say why do be have to keep bringing up the past, or get over it,that happened long ago.I'll bet you'll never tell a jewish person to quit bringing up the holocast because thats in the past.I think its a good thing to educate young about t…