Bailey Jones

There's a letter from A&M in today's e-edition that addresses their side of the story. But I can't find it here.

I like the look of the new brick buildings downtown. There's no reason why subsidized housing shouldn't add to the look of the city, rather than detract from it.

If my recollection is correct, we didn't have these problems last year. Why is this year different?

"Sounds like a selfie moment." That's actually pretty good, Carlos.[tongue]

Carlos, don't forget - "It’s got to be killing the liberal trolls that MAGA over powered by far topless beach bash 2019 TEXAS ! LOL #Trump2020"

Although, I must say, I'd pay money to see real trolls driving Jeeps.

Now Don, you know socialists don't own cars, much less Jeeps. Much less Jeeps with flags on them.

There were at least 2 events happening on Bolivar this weekend. In addition to the Jeep event was the MAGA Beach Bash, claiming several thousand attendees.


I grew up in a town without a single parallel parking space. It was the only thing I failed on my drivers test. I never had a need to know until I moved to Galveston.
Thank goodness for backup cameras.

Congratulations! On to the next degree, and never stop learning.