Diane Turski

Paula, well said! [thumbup]

It is past time to end this "deregulation" debacle!

I hope Texans will look at this latest disaster and consider that Texas leaders claim they don't want any federal regulations, but they are the first to go to the federal government with their requests for federal assistance even when their stubborn refusal to properly regulate their own …

[thumbup] Bailey!

Read Laura Elder's editorial in today's edition for more accurate information.

Elections have consequences. We need transparency and truth from our elected leaders. I will vote for a new governor and legislators who will tell the truth and enact the needed changes.

Elections have consequences. I hope everyone will join me in demanding change at the ballot box because that is the only way we will get the change we need!!

Spineless cowards!

Elections have consequences! Privatizing public services such as utilities is not a good idea because it puts profit above the people they are supposed to service.

I will support anyone who is willing to take a stand against the seditionists! And, for you partisan party thinkers, that group of true patriots includes Republican Liz Cheney.