Diane Turski

Elect better representatives at the STATE level that will pass legislation to protect residents from the ill effects of these businesses! There is an election this year - vote for candidates who will actually represent their constituents!

I support teaching civics in schools and encouraging students to register to vote. Politics are an integral part of history and rational political discussions contribute to developing critical thinking skills. Our democracy needs educated and engaged citizens! Voting is the most valuable …

Perhaps Senator Cornyn should remind President Trump of what a loyal soldier he was during the Impeachment trial - voting to prevent relevant witnesses from testifying and documents from being introduced into the Senate trial. Then he further showed blind loyalty by voting to acquit the p…

I understand the big picture benefits of UBI and I support it.


I agree that the laws need to be changed at the federal and the state level!! Time to end this failed attempt at another Prohibition!!

Thank you, Mr. Harrington, for the timely reminder that Dr. King's life's work has not yet been completed. It is up to all of us to be witnesses and to continue his march for justice.

I commend Councilman Kinsey for having the courage to vote no! I am deeply disappointed in the rest of these "representatives" of the citizens of League City.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives have passed a few hundred bills that would greatly help the people of the United States. It is Mitch McConnell who has buried them in the Senate and refused to even let the Senate discuss or vote on them. That is why McConnell has bragged that…

I have begun growing my own lettuce and other salad greens hydroponically. It's easy to do indoors and it is organic and safe. Aerogarden sells the equipment and seed pods. They can also be ordered through Amazon.