Diane Turski

I support ranked choice voting.

The Uni-Ball 207 Gel Pen has ink that can't be chemically "washed". It is designed to protect against water, fading, and fraud. However, it doesn't protect against theft.

I hope our representatives including Larry Taylor, Greg Bonnen and Mark Henry should be actively advocating for Galveston County (including UTMB) to receive the doses that I read they had been promised and had planned for before they were diverted by Greg Abbott to the hubs in Houston.

We all saw and heard Trump incite this insurrection. Weber is just another Trump tool who has no integrity or credibility.

Getting vaccinated is also the fastest way to rescue our economy! I applaud UTMB for providing a sensible and organized approach for us to get our vaccinations!

Ms. Daphnis, if you are old enough to vote, please vote for candidates who support your values. That is the most effective use of our voice that we all have. Be informed about local politics and what the candidates stand for. There is a runoff in League City for two City Council positions…

I agree with you about electing someone who is willing to represent all the residents of League City. You said it so well that I am moved to comment that everything you said also applies to Rachel McAdam vs her divisive opponent. Rachel McAdam is the best choice for Position #4.

Ha! Ha! The "Howdy Rudy Show" - a follow up to his hit Borat movie appearance!

I have had the misfortune of knowing Bowen for the past five years and during that period he has proven many times that he is a bully who will make up anything to try to turn people against someone and stir up trouble. After stating when he first announced his candidacy that he would beha…

There should be zero tolerance for child abuse!! Shame on him and his girlfriend for their bullying behavior!!