Don Schlessinger

Mayor Craig Brown said he was undecided about what to do.

“I am leaning toward going ahead and not banning golf carts on the seawall,” Brown said.

What about the people who live here and pay taxes?

Thank you Mayor Brown.

Don Schlessinger commented on Expected impacts from Friday’s storm system

Thank you Stan, I sure appreciate your reporting. Being a retired aviator especially you're use of weather charts to illustrate your work.

You're right Michael but an ordinance is a great place to start.


Hmm, 71% of respondents to the GDN poll say get golf carts off the seawall and we need "revolutionary thinking"? Well yes Mike you're right, revolutionary thinking would be doing what the city council needs to do and listen to 71% of the respondents to your question. Galveston city counci…


Excellent article Laura. I think of Martin Luther King and wonder what his message would be today.

How many bids has the city received regarding this contract or does that matter? How much will Mardi Gras cost property tax paying Galvestonians? What kind of discount will tax paying Galvestonians financially supporting Mardi Gras receive if they attend the party on the Strand?