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One thing for sure, hiring Wayne Dolcefino has certainly changed my mind on the discussion. Negatively! If the police union has the money to go across the causeway and hire an expensive consultant do they need a raise?

Still OPM

It must be fun to waste OPM.

Yes Randy my question also, I thought golf carts were prohibited on the beach.

Seems to me local, county, and state governments are having entirely too much fun deciding how much OPM to spend on this bridge party.


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Apparently the future bodes well for dopers and those who have made a decision to just not work. Cheap legal drugs dispensed by pharmacies and a Socialist government that will pay you not to work, man that's going to be popular! I wonder, after reading the physical effects of meth and oth…

Thank you Rick, I did miss that. Jim, I really don't care what Houston does with the land as long as they share the burden of ownership like the rest of us and PAY PROPERTY TAXES. Of course it would be great to have them invest otherwise to make the land more productive, but what good wil…

Don Schlessinger commented on Let's take the profit out of our war on drugs

George you always seem to have solid, practical answers to problems like this. I like that.[beam]

From what I understand the City of Houston is sitting on that land for free. They pay NO property tax. If I'm right why wasn't it mentioned in this piece? Why aren't they paying their FAIR for the property they are sitting on? Does immanent domain apply here? Does Houston owe Galveston…