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I think the other big manufacturers will have to follow suit. Colt is setting the pace for this one.

"I've said it before - Americans don't kill each other because they own guns. They own guns because they kill each other."

Bailey, statements like yours are keeping rational (your favorite word) discussion from occurring. No one wants to discuss the problem with …


Don Schlessinger commented on More rain expected as Imelda moves north

"One of the largest issues the city dealt with on Saturday was TV news trucks driving through flooded streets looking for stories, Maxwell said." Why does that not surprise me.

Total silliness, I take care of my property from the curb in front to the alley when it comes to foliage or trash. It falls under the title "personal responsibility" in my opinion. If your property looks bad take care of it. I'm sure that's too simple for some people, but it works for me.…

Please point me to a couple of "independent" sources you rely on.

Jim, I hope you're aware that there are "fact checkers" on both sides of the isle. I'm pretty sure the people who's facts you believe are Socialists (democrats). And I'm sure the people who's facts I believe are Conservative (Republicans). There are no independently minded "fact checkers"…

Your source, Socialist or Republican?,

Your source, Socialist or Republican?,

I'm wondering which "fact checkers" to use, Socialist or Republican? I think people should be aware the difference between disinformation and misinformation and possible sources of both. Of course that's the challenge we all have.