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Given the $$ wasted on nearly everything the city council touches, why doesn't the city just pay market value for the property. Will we pay too much, probably, but at least the council can say they have done something I think most island taxpayers (you know, the people who pay the bills) wi…

One blogger in a related story mentioned the 68 Million Dollar bond issue the city wants us to vote on in May. If the Galveston city council thinks so little of the voting residents of the city that they can GIVE AWAY valuable beach property then we voters should deny them the money they wa…

One of the reasons I object to a weekend full of campers is that people who can't afford to park on the seawall are blocked from using the sidewalk by the people who are parked there. Another reason is that those parking places are premo. Also, why are these parking places going for $30 a …

As I read the column I kept thinking, follow the money,

On the other hand, if the author is really concerned about carrying her birth certificate I would suggest a passport. They are easier than a birth certificate to carry,and will go into a pocket easily. They even have a credit card size to go in a wallet.

Just sayin [whistling]

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You beat me to it George, my thoughts exactly.

Coyotes CP, Coyotes!

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1st Amendment, reserved for Progressives.

Thank you Galveston County for keeping Galveston Island safe.

Regarding Trump's wall. IMO we Americans will be better off paying the cost of building it. The money we save keeping illegals out of our country will pay for it.

Americans will never stop paying welfare for housing and medical for the needy illegals as long as our borders are open…