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Good question Gary.
Lets talk about all the angry American men who commit mass shootings in schools, night clubs, Federal Buildings, concert venues, and churches just to name a few.
Kidnapping young girls for sex. The most recent one unfolding now in Wisconsin where he killed bo…

Thank you for that advice Carlos. I have read Mr. Smiths past columns.
But I must confess that I only skim them, just as I only skim your long winded replies in these blogs.
I look forward to skimming your comments in 2019.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Paul, Mr. Smith is not hating on America. He is hating on Donald Trump.
HUUUGE difference - no pun intended.

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I wonder are the people Trump hires already corrupt? Or do they turn corrupt under his direction?

She was taken from Casa del Mar, right? She went to A&M. I remember when it happened. she was close to my age. I think about her from time to time and her family.

Do you think he will put his presidential library inside of a Trump Tower? You have to wonder how history will judge him...especially after 41's funeral this week.

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The president is still pissed about the election.
Did I miss a tweet about the caravan that arrived at the border yesterday?

How Trump gaslights America:

1. Make up something.
2.Doubledown and deflect.
3.Create suspense.
4. Discredit opponents.
5. Declare Victory...regardless of the facts.

Kelly, I support Beto and ICE, so get over yourself.

Love this story!