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Post office address is wrong

Agreed!!! This was her baby!!! Lock her up for 20 years with hardened criminals and who knows what she'll be capable of when she returns to society.

The subsequent picture is even worse. I agree with Bill to a certain extent. She's 19, young and scared. However her mugshots indicate no remorse or sense of responsibility. Sadly at 19 it may be too late for her to actually grow a conscience.

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This was such a great event!! It was my first year participating and I will now make it an annual tradition. I witnessed a man, who seemed to be an avid runner, fall and get scraped up to the point of bleeding, and he still finished the race. It was inspiring to see strangers, especially …

How about Galveston fix the street my mother has lived on since I was born, 55th St. She is a BOI, lived here her entire 70 years, pays taxes, shops local, and dines local. Every few years the street in front of her house becomes a geyser eruption which eventually just gets patched up unt…

Thank you for such an eloquent expression. And thank you for your optimism and positivity. I'm glad you left all the divisiveness and negativity to the same two people that find time to comment on everyone else's opinion letters.

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Great article!!

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Please write more Mr. Henry :)

I absolutely love everything this young man does to make his community better.

...I believe the headline has a typo however. Should the last word be relief instead of relies

Mike Evans is truly a class act. I have heard reports that he donates his earnings for signing his sports memorabilia to the Boys and Girls Club of Galveston. In college he and Johnny Football played together and their childhood could not be more different. Johnny is from a wealthy family…