Angelica Rendon

53rd St. is Mary Moody Northen, not NortheRn

angel714r commented on Carbide Park: Where seniors play

This is such an awesome way to engage the seniors' minds and bodies while keeping them socially active as well. I am so happy someone had this bright idea. I do however find it a shame that the city of Galveston, where I was born and raised, doesn't seem to care about it's community as muc…


angel714r commented on SUV, gun sought in slayings

Is the name Cosby or Crosby??? Come on Daily a better job.

Nevermind, just scrolled down and read about the United Way.

I'd like to donate clothes or even school supplies to the families that lost everything in this fire. Does anyone know who I can contact about that?

I find it sad that our kids and teachers will be the ones to suffer. Today's schools are so different than what I remember from the 80's. My children don't even come home with school books, I assume because there isn't enough for each child to have one. They have to be shared amongst the …