Allison Buchtien

The Himalayan restaurant has been "opening soon" for months.

First the causeway now shrimp. Who voted for this guy? I be Susan Criss would be working on more helpful legislation.

How will this work for those who are not religious or atheist. Are they just not allowed to get married?

I have a friend waiting to get back to work. this has got to be hard for those who rely solely on this paycheck.

allison_b216 commented on The EPA must be held accountable

Well at least someone cares about the environment. If Republicans had it their way all regulations would be axed and companies would be able to do what ever they wanted. I guess Webber didn't know the Corps of Engineers has been claiming jurisdiction of ditches for years. We already have l…

I guess this is good for local ice cream stores such as La King's and Hey Mikey's. Also, Ben and Jerry's could also profit.

allison_b216 commented on Let’s make isle greener

I totally agree! You should come to the next Beach Maintenance Advisory Committee meeting for the Park Board on 4/24 at 8:30 am or the next Park Board meeting.

I use Pay by Phone app already when parking downtown so this isn't much of a change. I do disagree with the paying to park on Sundays.

Perhaps its the cost to place a public notice. I'm assuming local governments can place the ads for free.