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Wonderful caring human being. I am so sad and offer my prayers to his family.

Parking garage? For what?

@Kim , LC does not have a natatorium.

Game against Clear Falls is this Thursday, not "next Saturday night" FYI :)

misspelling on this title, FYI

This is a Dickinson police car.

I think this has the potential to be a very polarizing subject. People love their dogs and if you start labeling which dogs are dangerous and which aren't, you're opening a huge can of worms. Even little chihuahuas and adorable terriers can bite if they feel threatened. Would they immediatel…

This used to be a great place to eat. The bar was fun and a casual place to grab a margarita and an appetizer. Then all of a sudden there was "new management" and it started going downhill from there. The margarita machine didn't work, they were out of queso one day (a Mexican rest…

Sad, sick story. What kind of people have within them the desire to hurt innocent animals?

Thank you for a happy ending for Mr. T. I encourage anyone who is able to take in a pet, to do so from a local animal shelter. We did many years ago!