Allan Knape

Just went through this with my almost 3 year old. We treated her with the NIX therapy . We combed and combed and combed, the combs don't grab the nits or live bugs. The next day in checking her hair there were still so many live ones and eggs I didn't know what to do, however, My BIGGEST an…

I've been so privileged to be able to take you husbands course at COM. During this time we got in several debates about the current events at the time. Your husband uses his power in the class to over-rule and cast a shadow on any views that are other than his. I'm not saying this to bash th…

And spoons make us fat, pencils make us misspell words.

Y'all have got to be kidding me, blaming the officer involved. He tried pulling them over, and they ran. If a car runs from the police they're supposed to get a free pass? If I can reach 100mph then shame on the officer for trying to catch me? Geez people, get a reality check. This illegal s…

You should go back and check your numbers, because that is a very false statement. Look at the number of our military that have died under this admin. Do some research before making such statements.

I hope Galveston pays the man for what they did.

whomp whomp whomp!

Sverige1: if you live your life that way, will you ever do anything? Or just be afraid for your lifetime?

I wonder when Buzbee will file a lawsuit for this disturbance??

The pics of the mom bent over and a bar bathroom screams "great parent!"