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The sooner that poor dog gets away from the Galveston County Shelter the better!

We had the masthead controversy(changed and then changed back). They started censoring post to the web page comment section, then banning select posters, before locking out all but those that receive home delivery or subscribe to the on-line edition, which is $40.00 per year more than the H…

Promote Heber![beam]

“Housing opponents said plans to rebuild in low-income neighborhoods are flawed. They also said they doubt the developments will remain as mixed-income — they will become public housing projects because people able to pay full-market rent won’t want to live there.”
Which was exactly what…

"Indeed, residents who turn their eyes east have a clear view of New Orleans’ downtown skyscrapers."

And that my friends is where the offices are that holds middle class jobs. If you want to see those jobs from Galveston you better have a telescope powerful enough to see Houston!

New Orleans is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country right now. I looked into real estate there following Katrina and I still couldn't find a deal! Galveston has been a buyers market for the last 20 years. I walked around my Galveston block yesterday and saw 4 houses that h…

69 Chevy commented on A nod to isle’s state park

I spent so many weekends camping at that park I decided to move here. It is a great facility. The bayside is one of the islands hidden gems!

That is not a hole it's an "enhancement"! Can't wait till we start drilling holes in that 100 year old seawall and bolting meters to it![scared]

Since our Mayor and his friends on Council have already shown they will approve anything, even if they don't understand the consequences, waiting another year is a good thing!

69 Chevy commented on You want to discourage cycling?

Galveston is a compact city and the perfect environment for bicycle commuting. I live near UTMB and I think most people would be surprised to see how many students, and workers commute there by bike. When I go to the beach, dinner, shop the Strand, and run errands I go by bike whenever po…