frank furleigh

"The debate was pointless and destructive". Seriously? I suppose taxpayers in the city can't have a say, or debate, about how taxes are spent responsibly? That sounds like a Socialist comment to readers.

Building more low-income housing on a sandbar is lunacy.

Al Sharpton owes 4.5 million in unpaid taxes and gets invited to dinner at the White House. Fair, right?

As usual Michael A Smith proves his bias.

Awesome story. So glad they chose a Galveston County hometown hero this time around.

Vocational classes should be mandatory in middle schools as well as high schools. not every job requires a college degree and America was built by vocational skills.

Let's finish what we started for once. The revitalization has been one heck of a success across the city. To interfere with it now is political hogwash.

Great news. Since the addition of the Galveston County Veterans Treatment Court under the leadership of Judge Mark Henry the county has quietly helped countless suffering veterans, spouses and dependents from the combat effects of PTSD. Most veterans deny help and end up self-medicating, dri…

The fault is not the city at all. The city is overwhelmed with code violation reports. The problem is 100% the property owner. When you need a CEO to carry self-defense items when speaking with residents thats where the problem is --- the property owner. Don't agree? Go for a ride-along for 1 day.

If you take the time to read the city Charter, codes and property laws you'd see the property owner is responsible for the sidewalks and gutters. The city will do the labor - which is 75% of the cost and we already pay their wages and equipment - and the property owner pays materials. Great deal.